For the 5th annual Typophile Film Festival, our team focused on the 5 senses. Blending stop-motion animation and video, each scene was shot in-camera with no CG effects, complete with a 5-day time-lapse, edible letters, and more laser-cut acrylic than I'd ever seen. Shot on a RED One, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EOS 40D, and Nikon D80.


Client // Joe Pemberton, Typophile, Punchcut Studios
Creative Direction // Brent Barson
Director of Photography // Wynn Burton
Animators // Brent Barson, Wynn Burton, Analisa Estrada, Meg Gallagher,
Olivia Juarez Knudsen, Reeding Roberts, Deven Stephens
Full Credits

Recognition //
2011 Communication Arts // Typography Annual
2010 Print Magazine's Print in Motion // Film Title Category Winner